Orion on Spring and Life's Challenges

Dear Ones – Spring is arriving with the sense of possibility and new growth. Yet, we look around and see once again, that much is always happening in the world.  Difficulties, challenges, disasters.  If you were to review history, you would see variations on the present themes in all eras and ages.  In turn, each situation asks much of individuals, cultures, nations and the world.  Each adds its own element to the shape of the future and movements of life. Once again, you wonder, ‘How do I go with this next flow?’ In each era, explanations, considerations, inquiry are explored. Prophecies emerge, anodynes and solutions are offered; interpretations abound, truths are revealed. Revelations which are not true are offered as truth and the great dance of that which is known and that which is not known continues.  Remembering the ’long view’ supports us in balancing our responses and reactions in the present moment. To explore balancing and coping with that which is not yet known, we s

In Memory of Our DearHeart Friend, Michael Gritz

My Dear Orion Friends, It is with great sadness and a tender heart that I share with you the passing of Michael Gritz, my DearHeart friend, Brother & Sister in Spirit – fratello e sorella   nello spirito - as we called ourselves. Friend as family for 42 years. He died on Christmas Day at 67 years old. If you were in Washington, D.C. in the early days of the Orion work, you would have known Michael well. Michael was my ‘grounder’; the energy that supported me as I worked within the flow of the Orion consciousness.   Our meeting, which came through a mutual friend, Francine, preceded our public work with Orion.   Michael was the anchor that helped me navigate working with the Orion energy. In that, he was also part of the small group of friends who first were willing to listen to what the Orion consciousness shared. The principles explored with that first group, form the core of   ‘The Orion Material – Perspectives of Awareness.’ Our friendship grew and deepened and we became

Orion Wisdom Holiday Message 2023

  Our Dear Ones, As the world seems awash in conflict and with it , paradox ~ seemingly opposite things happening at the same time, hold fast to your inner sense of the inherent Interconnection of All Things. Most of you may find yourself unable to impact many things in the greater world, but you can have an effect in your personal world. Reach out. Offer empathy and support.   See the ‘other’ as connected with you, perhaps in ways you cannot fully know, and from there, move into the world; holding and offering the recognition of such interconnection. Once again, we hold that this interconnection of all things, Unity, is, even as it is not recognized or acted upon by many. As you carry it with you in your felt-sense , you will share it from the being; without thought or concept. And in your willingness to share, we honor you and hold you all in deep appreciation. Gift the gift of Unity. Orion   As always, wishing all of you all good things. Elisabeth If you would l